Busy all this while

Sorry for not updating that often recently :(

I just found myself tons of assignments to complete and the due dates are nearing. The workload is so much despite me having only 4 modules this semester. I think it might be because physics has been taking up most of my time. Till now I still have absolute no idea what PC1222 Fundamentals of Physics is talking about.

Forces, Electric Charge, Newton, blah blah blah ~ OMG! I'm so lost.

Hope I can learn fast enough, because time is running up. It's already the third week of the semester. Time run pretty fast, doesn't it?

But I do manage to take some photos of the yummy food I devoured :X

Will upload them after I clear all the pending assignments :(

Till then ~

Pray for the better

Haiz, today was a sad day.

Turned up for PC1222 Fundamentals of Physics II lecture this afternoon. It was only the first lecture and I'm already lost in the topics somewhere, somehow. Tried to read the notes to understand those concepts but I just can't concentrate. The notes was full of lengthy words :(

The most depressing moment of the day, when my friend failed to secure the same tutorial slot as mine. My other friend didn't get the same tutorial slot also. Haiz, I don't want to attend IS2101 tutorial alone. I don't know anyone, how can I form my presentation group :(

What a sad day for the start of the week ?

God help me please, I pray for the better ~

How to have a bright future ?

If you're wondering how can you have a bright future, I'm going to let you in on a secret.

Write the word "Future" on a piece of paper and shine it under the light. It will be very bright.

Ok, I am bored ~

My Breakfast @ 14 August

Plain water to clear the throat ~

English Breakfast Tea w/ Cookie ~

Close Up ~

American Breakfast ~

Crisp Bacon + Grilled Tomato + Sauteed Mushrooms + Toast + 2 Eggs ~

Yummy ~

I love the crisp bacon ~
Visited the Coffee Club for breakfast today since I have a discount coupon (:
I ordered their American Breakfast, which is quite tasty. They cooked the 2 eggs into one ! But I loved their bacon and sausages. The bacon was so crispy and juicy ! The toast was nice as well, accompanied with butter and jam.

Their website is @ http://www.coffeeclubworld.com/

You can view more of their food there.  (:

So yummy ~

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My Breakfast @ 12 August

2 Sunny Side Eggs + 1 Sausage + 2 Slices of Olive toasted Bread w/ Ham ~

Close up ~
Omg ! It's so watery, I'm gonna die ~
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Look at the eggs !! Yummy (:


Spent S$10 to buy a new usb mouse today to replace my spoilt one. I thought it was nice, but after I went back home and connected it to my laptop, the use mouse is flashing rainbow colors !! Yeah, it was nice, but too glaring :(

It irritates my eyes. Don't know should I regret buying it ? I didn't expect it to be glaring with colors.

Hope things will get better ~

My Dinner

Pork + Broccoli + Corn + Ban Mian ~
Pork Meat FTW ~
My dinner of the day (:

Today was the last round of module biddings and I decided to drop one of my module, IS2102 since it had last minute changes on the timings. The changes affect my other modules so I've no choice but to drop it and take only 4 modules for the semester. Hope I didn't make the wrong choice.

Of all of my modules, I'm only worried about IS2101 Business and Technical Communication. My communication skills sucks.

Pray that with only 4 modules, I can get better results and increase my CAP this time round.

I want A ~

Back to School

First day of school after the long term break, and I'm already dead tired. Just returned home from school :(

It was a bad day.
1) External HDD spoilt.
2) USB mouse spoilt
3) Spent 1250 points to bid for my final module.
4) My friend told me he's not bidding for the module after I got it.
5) My friend dropped another module that I took.

So tired, feel like diving into my bed and sleep all the way. Things aren't so smooth, but I hope they will get better. I pray that I can be in a good class for my final module, IS2101. Since my friend is not taking, I should be alone without a group :( Let's hope the class that I'll be in will have plenty of lone walkers to group with :)

P/S : Will upload some pictures that I took today when I'm free from school stuffs. Sorry ! :(

God Bless Me ~

My Snack @ 9 August

Cheese Sticks + Almond Sticks ~

More Cheese Sticks ~

Close Up ~

How it looks on the inside ~

Don't forget the chewy almond sticks ~

Cheese Sticks ~

Yummy cheese sticks, way better than cheezels ! =X
They're not very crunchy but good enough for cheese lovers. The cheesy taste is just nice, neither strong nor plain (:
Today was the National Day, so Happy Birthday Singapore =}

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Back to school in 8 hours ~

Pipe Works 2010

Daniel Tappe (Germany)
Tuesday, 24 August 2010, 8 PM
Orchard Road Presbyterian Church, 3 Orchard Road [locate]
Daniel Tappe (1978) studied the organ, historic keyboard instruments, and music history at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music in Oberlin/ Ohio/ USA. He graduated in 2007, earning a Bachelor of Music and a Master of Music in Historical Performance. In addition, he was awarded the Selby Harlan Houston Prize for exemplary scholarship in music theory and organ.
Daniel Tappe was the organist at Christ Church in Oberlin from 2005 to 2007, and he continued further studies in the organ at the Musikhochschule in Hannover (Germany) from 2007 to 2009, where he earned the Konzertexamen degree. In 2007 and 2008, he won first prizes in international organ competitions in Biarritz (France) and Bad Homburg (Germany).

For those who are interested in instrumental, feel free to check this out. It's free-of-charge anyway. Great for those who has a passion in music. More information with regards to the agenda of that day can be found here @ http://www.singaporeago.org/

Time really flies, doesn't it ? It's just 1 more day away from school ! 
Till then ~

My Night Snack @ 7 August

Almond Sticks ~

Close up ~
I had these yummy almond sticks for my snack. They're so sweet and crunchy (:

School is going to start next week after the National Day. It has been so long since the 3 months term break. I pray that I will be able to get out of this holiday mood soon enough, and study hard for this semester (:

How it looks on the inside ~
Hope you'll enjoy the photos ! Good night (:
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My Dinner @ 6 August

Prawn Noodle @ S$3.00 ~
I ordered a takeaway prawn noodle for my dinner today. It's not that tasty, and the prawns are really small and thin. Too much oil makes it yucky ! I guess that's because they prepared the noodles in black sauce, rather than ketchup.

The only thing I like about the food is their fried pig oil a.k.a "bak you pok". It's so crispy and crunchy (:

Fried Pig Oil a.k.a Bak You Pok ~
I just can't resist the "bak you pok". But it's fried oil, so it's not healthy though. Nevertheless, I still like it. =X

Munching away ~

Late night supper

Myojo Cup Noodle w/ Chunks Tuna in Olive Oil ~

I like the "lor mee" soup base, sweet and alluring. But the noodles are not that "Q" nor delicious. The tunas are great, fill up my stomach pretty well. =X  

Overall it's good enough for something to withstand hunger during this late hour (:

Bean Paste Pastry a.k.a 豆沙饼 a.k.a Tau Sa Piah ~
Bean Paste Filling Inside ~
The 豆沙饼 was simply delicious !! It tastes just nice, not too sweet nor too salty. Feel like stuffing one more down, but I'm too full for that. 
Well, I'm going to catch the Bleach Anime, Episode 282 [Power of the soul ! Los Lobos, Attack !], before I turn in for the night  (:

See ya ~

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