I am a disappointment to myself

What an emotional day, with rain showering over my depressing moments. I spent so much time and effort into understanding PC1222 but it all came down to nothing.

Today was my mid term test for physics, and there's just so many questions that I don't understand. Also, I wasted too much time on each question, which left me with only 30 minutes for 15 more questions! I felt disappointed in myself :(


I can only pray for the best now~

Recess Week

After burying myself into mountains of assignments, it is now the RECESS week. Finally! But I guess I won't be relaxing much, because after the week it will be the mid term test for PC1222, physics! Omg~ I have yet to really fully understand the chapters. There's just so much things to handle :( Well maybe I do have some poor time management?

Besides, my IS2101 group assignment is due tonight 2359HRS, but my team mates seem to be missing in action! Everything was discussed online =.='' I just hope we could meet up and discuss straight though. It clears things up better. Let's hope they will reply my email fast enough, there's only like 5 hours left!

Pray that I can clear most of the assignments and have ample time to study well for the test during the recess week. It's about time to set things in place now ~

Alright, here's an almond chocolate bar I had, lol? (:

Roasted Almond Chocolate~

Mugging starts tomorrow, God Bless ~

Week 4 in School

t has been so long since the last time I wrote here :'(

There's just too many assignments to complete and they just keep piling up. Good news is that I'm left with 5 assignments but I can foresee 2 to 3 more coming up!

Alright, here's some food that I "devoured" from the start of my school term (:

My first meal in school this term (:
Fish n' Chips @ S$2.80 ~
Pandan Spongecake ~

Yummy *nomnomnom* ~

Enjoy! I like the spongecake the most because it's not cream on the inside swirl. It's CHEESE (:
Yes, cheese! I love them (:

More food pictures coming soon ~