Week 11 @ NUS

It's been so long since I wrote something here. Will reply all tags when I have the time ;(

There's just simply too much workloads to clear. I'm only 2 more weeks to my end of term tests, but I still didn't grasp all the stuffs that's taught. Finals are just 4 weeks from now!

Sort of completed IS2101 now, but I'm afraid of the results :( I think I just don't do so well in presentations and all those talking. Haiz~

I feel so lost suddenly!

I wonder why classmates can be like strangers when out of class?

So near yet so far ~

Smiling Face @ Swissbake

It's raining heavily now! The best time to sleep =)

But before that, let me share this cute photo of "Smiling Face" biscuit with you! Took it while I was frequenting Swissbake some time back.

Smiling Face ~

I'm made of flour, egg, sugar, butter, vanilla and chocolate ~
Oh my, it's almost 5 am in the morning now! I have to get some rest..

Dreamland here I come ~